Początek treści


In view of the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, Caritas Poland announces a humanitarian action under the slogan “Pomoc dla Ukrainy” (“Help for Ukraine”). The most urgent needs include food, hygiene supplies and the provision of basic material assistance. Caritas of the Archdiocese of Łódź joins the nationwide action and appeals for support.

Funds will be provided to Caritas Ukraine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Caritas-SPES of the Roman Catholic Church and will be used to secure ongoing emergency preparations at facilities of the supported organisations. Their most urgent necessities are food and hygiene supplies, but also specific material assistance: blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses or field kitchens. Psychological help is also needed for the children, for whom recent events have been extremely traumatic.

Caritas in Poland is also preparing places that could be used to accommodate refugees from Ukraine after agreeing on terms and conditions with local voivodes.

Caritas in Łódź has launched a cash collection for food aid for war refugees from Ukraine and is collecting food products with long shelf life. Archbishop Grzegorz Ryś also established the Committee for Helping Migrants – victims of the war in Ukraine, which brings together both clergy and laity involved in the charitable activities of the Church on a daily basis.

How can you help?
- by making a donation at caritas.pl
- by contributing any amount to the account: 77 1160 2202 0000 0000 3436 4384 marked UKRAINE
- by sending an SMS to 72052 with the text: UKRAINA(cost: 2.46 PLN incl. VAT)
- by donating #1percent of your tax to Caritas foreign aid, KRS no.: 0000274785
- join the fundraising for food aid for refugees from Ukraine
- bring food with long shelf life to the Caritas Charity Point in Łódź, 108 Wólczańska Street.

The Prime Minister’s Office has launched a website to provide information on how to support refugees. 
All information can be found at: