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Awards and distinctions

The museum is a two-time winner of the 2022 Warsaw Insurgents Golden HeroON award

On November 25, the Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio of the Polish Radio hosted the 2022 Warsaw Insurgents HeroON Awards Gala. The golden statuette in the “Institution” category was awarded to the Museum of Polish Children – Victims of Totalitarianism. The museum was also the audience winner. The golden statuettes were received by Dr. Ireneusz Piotr Maj, director of the award-winning institution.

The Golden HeroON for the Museum of Polish Children– Victims of Totalitarianism is an award for collecting, acquiring and storing documents and memorabilia related to the activities of the German camp for Polish children on Przemyslowa Street in Lodz, as well as for the implementation of the project “We were taught to cry without tears...”.

“We are engaged in saving the memory of Polish children from the German camp on Przemyslowa Street. We want to know the names and surnames of all the prisoners of this terrible place. We are working to find out what happened to them during World War II and where their graves are. We are making every effort to save the documentation that accompanied their history,” explained Dr. Ireneusz Piotr Maj.

We are especially grateful for the votes of Internet users, who honoured us with the Golden HeroON Audience Award, appreciating our work to promote the history of 20th century Poland as well as historical and patriotic education.

“This is a great honour and motivation for further efforts to spread historical knowledge about the German concentration camp for Polish children on Przemyslowa Street in Lodz. There are many difficult challenges ahead of us, but we do everything to do our job as best as we can,” said the director of the Museum of Polish Children – Victims of Totalitarianism.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us.