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Launching an online database of prisoners of the former camp on Przemyslowa Street

Announcement of the design for the monument to Polish children - victims of German crimes in the Lodz area 

Monodrama "Melduję Tobie Polsko - Rotmistrz Pilecki” (“I report to you, Poland - Cavalry Captain Pilecki”) performed by Przemysław Tejkowski

Photographs from an inspection of the camp on Przemyslowa Street

The Sejm's Media and Culture Committee (photo: Anna Strzyżak/CIS)

Scientific and didactic conference "The child - a victim of war" at the Stutthof Museum

Celebration of the National Remembrance Day for the Victims of German Nazi Concentration and Death Camps

Selecting the winners of the contest “The German concentration camp for Polish children on Przemysłowa Street in Lodz"

Meeting with Ms Halina Rogozińska, a relative of Jurek Rutkowski

Children's Day – celebrations at the so-called Monument of the Broken Heart